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Growing, Evolving, and Increasing Equity

CommUnity Makery is committed to increasing equity among underserved youth leaders in the Howard Area of Rogers Park.

We increase equity among underserved youth leaders who live in the Howard area of Rogers Park by providing free Literacy, Social Emotional Learning and Advocacy opportunities as they: discover Chicago and its surrounding areas through day excursions; create STEAM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & More) projects in maker-centered Out-of-School programs; and share with their community by distributing food, games, toys, and warm coats.

We celebrate our first anniversary this month and our program is growing quickly. Our youth leaders collaborate with each other as they explore Robotics, Digital Skills, Woodwork, Mutual Aid, Self Advocacy, Financial Literacy, and more during and after school hours, including weekends. Our organization supports youth who are college and/or career bound and have excellent behavior.

Upcoming events and projects this month include Block by Block Neighborhood Clean Up, Spring Soccer, moving from planning to building our take on the popular CommUnity Fridge, "Mobile Snack Shack", trips to our local public library, as well as continuing our After-School Clubs, CLUB CHI626. For more information regarding all of these fun activities, visit our website.

We have accomplished a lot so far with virtual programming and now we are carefully moving into a hybrid model of programming. CM is bringing even more opportunities to youth leaders in the Howard Area of Rogers Park Chicago neighborhood by giving them a safe, easily accessible hub to discover, create, and share with their peers.

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