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Founder/BOD/Executive Director

I'm a public school teacher and an advocate for youth and their families.  I spend most of her free time hanging out with my best friend/hubby & our pets.



I'm CM's fearless IT Guy and a fierce advocate for youth equity in education.  In my free time I enjoy bike rides along Lake Michigan and raising money for my favorite charities.


BOD/Director/Creative Design

I collaborate with our creative team regarding ongoing projects.  When I'm not running marathons, you can find me on "Real Housewives 901".


Youth Mentor

I collaborates with youth leaders as they discover, create, and share during our STEAM+ Clubs.  I'm an animal lover
and play as Seeker
for our neighborhood Quidditch team.



I collaborate with our finance team to keep us running smoothly.  In my spare time, I've been known to rock & roll all night and party everyday.  My favorite past time is jamming to old school Rock-N-Roll and my favorite band is KISS.



Youth Mentor

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Youth Mentor

Studying science has opened many doors for me, both personally and professionally.  I chose to become a teacher because studying science brings me so much excitement & joy and I want to spark the same sense of joy and excitement
in our youth.

Young Businessman


Youth Mentor

I'm a hardworking, flexible, educator who will do my best to assure each of our youth succeed. I'm a huge supporter of Social Emotional Learning and teaching
the entire child.



Youth Mentor

Making art makes me happy, and that is something I wish to share with our community. Thinking outside the box, making a mess, and trying new things are what I love most about art. I find a lot of joy in watching our young artists create.

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